The Nautilus for Soft Magnetic Composite Production

As the world embraces the electrification of so many products, the driving force to make electric motors and devices more efficient continues to grow. Soft magnetic composites are providing improved magnetic performance in complex shapes that were never possible with the lamination technology of the past.

The Abbott Furnace Nautilus technology is the latest development in the production of soft magnetic composites. The Nautilus produces an insulating oxide coating on each particle of the soft magnetic compact; while imparting strength to the compact. This technology eliminates the costly need to sinter at high temperatures and high hydrogen levels. The result is a composite with unique and improved soft magnetic properties.

The Nautilus is another Abbott Furnace innovation that is driving improved performance and cost efficiencies.

Keys to a Successful Soft Magnetic Composite

  • High-Density Compaction to Reduce Porosity
  • Particle Surfaces are Clean Prior to Forming the Coating Coherent
  • Insulating Coating
Schematic Image of the Nautilus for Soft Magnetic Composite Production
Schematic detailing Soot Compromising Composite Coating

Lubricant Removal is Critical to Preventing the Loss of Magnetic Performance.

Schematic detailing the oxidation of particle to form an insulating coating

Oxidation of particle to form an insulating coating by Abbott Furnace Company’s Nautilus.

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