Industrial Brazing Furnaces

Furnace brazing is a semi-automated process used to join metal components with a dissimilar, lower melting filler metal. It allows designs of one or multi-joint assemblies to be joined by a reproducible metallurgical bond.

Brazing Furnaces were first commercialized in the early 1920’s.  Furnace-brazed parts are heated to a specific brazing temperature until the filler metal flows. The parts are then cooled or “quenched,” usually in a different zone of the furnace, or in a separate chamber, to produce the required material properties in the finished assembly.

Brazing Furnace capabilities and advantages include:
• Multiple joints on the same assembly can be brazed simultaneously
• Gravity or minimal fixturing is sufficient making complicated jigging typically unnecessary
• Undesirable atmosphere constituents can be controlled or eliminated
• Multiple atmospheres or chambers make various types of processing operations possible
• The process is highly repeatable, ideally lending itself to automated production
• Brazing furnaces usually do not require chemical fluxes
• Little to no post-braze cleaning is required
• Provides close temperature control, for optimum and uniform results

Industrial brazing furnaces from Abbott Furnace Company are continuous process and custom designed for a variety of processes and to meet each customer’s unique specifications.

Base Materials
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel

Filler Materials
Copper Alloys
Silver Alloys
Nickel Alloys


Maximum Temperature
1288 ̊ C / 2350 ̊ F




Alloy or Ceramic Muffle

Pro-rated 5 year warranty on our ceramic muffle.

Electric Heating

Combination of wire and silicon carbide heating elements provides excellent temperature uniformity.

Gas Heating

Our gas heating systems incorporate Abbott Furnace Company’s “pulse-fire” technology.

Quality Delube Process (QDP)

The use of custom designed reaction/combustion chambers and a regulated atmosphere control, combined with our under-hearth heating system, assures that the delube process is completed efficiently.

Atmosphere Moisturizing

Utilized to alter industrial furnace dewpoints to ensure proper atmosphere conditions.

Rapid Cooling System (Varicool)

Advanced cooling system combines both atmosphere and water-jacketed cooling technology into one economical unit.

Monitoring & Control

Advanced computerized monitoring and control systems for temperature, atmosphere flow, dew point, oxygen content, belt speed, etc.

Abbott Furnace Company: Humpback Brazing Furnace

Humpback Brazing Furnace

Straight-through Brazing Furnace

Abbott Furnace Company employs a highly skilled work force to produce quality continuous belt brazing furnaces and accessory products. In support of our original equipment manufacturing activities we also offer custom fabrication of replacement parts, repair service for a wide range of power and temperature controllers as well as calibration services.