Drever Industrial Furnaces

In 2016, Abbott Furnace Company acquired the North American rights to manufacture new Drever industrial furnace systems, including Bright Annealing Tube Furnaces, Powdered Reduction Furnaces, Sintering Furnaces, and Strand Annealing Furnaces as well as the Worldwide license for the manufacture and sale of the Drever Convecool, Drever Ammonia Dissociators, and other atmosphere generation equipment and associated spare parts and repair services.

Abbott Furnace Company maintains the Drever Intellectual Property, as well as the equipment and technical expertise required to maintain, service, and upgrade existing Drever Company equipment and holds the North American license for Drever spare parts and repair services for Drever industrial furnaces.

Horace Drever founded the Drever Corporation in Philadelphia in 1939 and was the pioneer in the continuous annealing of steel strip. Drever specialized in continuous strip annealing and galvanizing, plate heat treating, powder metallurgy, atmosphere generators, and any specialized furnace application requiring advanced custom engineering.

Abbott Drever Seal Roll Assembly

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