About Abbott Furnace Company

Abbott Furnace is an industrial furnace manufacturer with 35 years of experience designing and producing some of the industry’s most reliable and high performing industrial continuous process furnaces available. Abbott is a leading producer of industrial sintering furnaces, annealing furnaces, tempering furnaces, brazing furnaces, heat treat furnaces, steam treat furnaces, industrial ovens, specialty furnace products.

Abbott Furnace Company has over 800 furnaces installed and working in the field ranging from private business to the United States Department of Defense. We have been ISO 17025 accredited as a calibration lab since 1992.

The team at Abbott Furnace Company takes the time to understand the specific needs of each furnace they manufacture and custom designs and engineers the furnace to your specific application.

Our team is continuously educated on all the latest technologies to allow us to adapt changing technology to our products. By technologies, we mean what’s going on in the world, what markets are changing, and what our customers are doing to try and advance. We design our furnaces to help our customers achieve the lowest cost of ownership possible, and integrate the best technology into our equipment to make it energy efficient and to reduce atmospheric costs.

Abbott Furnace leads the industry in recruiting, training, and developing new engineers and technicians with the latest technology.  Our customer-centric culture is built on the continuous improvement of our people, our processes, and our products to meet the ever-changing thermal processing market.


Our mission is to be the market leader in the design, production and service of continuous belt industrial furnaces, by focusing our resources on the development of new technology to meet our customers’ specifications.


Abbott Furnace Company